At Vanndapt we offer a bespoke service in CNC turning, and CNC milling, producing items ranging from gears to valves.  We will manufacture your components in almost any specified material, including a range of steels, alloy steels, stainless steels, aluminium alloys , titanium and the range of engineering plastics, all sourced through our approved ISO registered suppliers, and authenticated through  mill certificates, and certificates of analysis if required. Much of the equipment and parts that we manufacture, is used in industries related to transfers of  materials through a pipeline, where traceability regarding raw materials is of paramount importance.
We can assist you with your design, with the experience we have in the manufacturing processes, that are required to make your design possible.. We can assist in  development and manufacture of your product, from its early stages through to production quantities.
Precision is a key word for our company. We are a precision team, working to exacting standards. We use today’s technology, to manufacture precision components. Each step in the manufacturing process is carefully monitored. From first contact to final dispatch. That's why your precision components arrive when required, and on budget.
Professional & Personal Service  
At Vanndapt, we pride ourselves on the standard of service we offer our customers. When you contact us you will experience a  professional approach, combined with a friendly manner, and when you deal with us, you will find that we aim to do business in a straight forward and honest manner.